Year:  19??
Driver:   Daniel Duncan "Rebel" Harris
Photo Contributed by: Bob Simpson Photos Credits: Unknown
The Back Story: 

I had a fascination with Rebel Harris as a kid and was pleased to get this photo from Bob. I had always thought that the "Rebel" nickname was for defiance. In reality, He was born in South Carolina and was labeled Rebel for his southern roots.

Unfortunatetly, on June 21, 1963, Rebel was killed in a racing accident at the Onteora Speedway in Kingston New York.

On this Friday night he was competing in the feature race against 24 other stock car drivers. Entering the first turn at the start of the race, Harris' racer flipped end-over-end and he was ejected from the car. He was taken to Kingston Hospital where he died 15 minutes after the accident.

I remember attending Lebanon Valley Speedway on a night that a memorial race was held in his honor for the benefit of his family.

Thanks Bob for this photo. I have been looking for a good copy of "Rebel".

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