Year:  1981, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1981
Driver:   Rick Stone; 41u
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Top Photo: Hotrod

Second Photo: Rick Stone

Third Photo: Rick Stone

Fourth Photo: Rick Stone

Fifth Photo: Rick Stone

Sixth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

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Top Photo: LV Concessions

Second Photo: John Libby Photo's

Third Photo: John Libby Photo's

Fourth Photo: John Libby Photo's

Fifth Photo: John Libby Photo's

Sixth Photo: John Gallant Sr.

The Back Story: 

Beloved longtime LV announcer Uncle Art loved people like Rick Stone, they not only brought a race car every week to LV to compete, but He knew exactly how important they were to the ongoing success of LV back in the glory days.  We always knew who the big winners were, but Uncle Art made sure we also knew who the guys were might not have won, but were just as big a part of the  scene every Saturday Night, and they were just as important as any Multiple Feature Winner.

 I always remember Rick for two things.

A: he had a Sprinter, and tried his hand at that when no one dared try it, and

B: After a flip at LV a few weeks before, he showed up late at LV,  with the words “We’re back” painted on the back of his 41 modified.

 That’s LVC classic stuff there.  Now if someone can supply us a picture of either A or B,  It would prove to everyone I’m not hallucinating.

Second Photo: As I’m trying to do a timeline on Rick Stone, it seems to me that Rick and his love affair with wings has gone full circle.  This shot of Rick in a URC Sprint car is dated 1979, before Rick jumped to the Big Block Modifieds of Lebanon Valley. Answer to question A above was our Mystery Driver #65.

Rick has found himself these days piloting a winged sprint again, this time at the Whip City Speedway, running in the 1200cc mini sprint ranks.

Third Photo: Rick Stone out of Cornwall CT works the low side of the 711 in a car he purchased from fellow Connecticut resident Denny Soltis.

Our crack research staff here at LVC (2) poured through thousand of old programs to unearth this picture of Ricks modified, in it’s previous life, when it was indeed the former Soltis 0.










Fourth Photo: The car LV officials deemed this Troyer car Rick and crew worked on all winter too “radical” and was not allowed on the track until all the angles of the dangles were correctly rearranged. You can see Paul Roberts checking out the rear deck heights, Marty B scratching his chin in the background and what looks like Lou Searing possibly sticking his head in the car to tell Rick, “getting this car on the track aint gonna happen, Bro”


Fifth Photo: As we can see by this picture, Rick made the correct modifications, and onto the Speedway she went.

Sixth Photo: I’m sure Rick would tell you he was “taking a leak with the big dogs” when He rolled into Syracuse to run with the World of Outlaws back in 1980, but nonetheless, he was out there, and had a decent showing:

Rick Stone #41U, Time Trialed @ 33.355 (47th of 69) Started 17th in Super Nationals Non-Qualifiers Race (10 Laps) (Held on October 11,1980) Did not qualify for Super Nationals Feature 100K (63 Laps) *

*John Gallant notes


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