Year:  Top 1978, Second 1974, Third and Fourth Early 80ís? Fifth Who knows. Sixth Early 80's Seventh 1990 Eighth Late 60's
Driver:   Rod Fifield and the Clydesdales
Photo Contributed by: 

Top Photo: LV Vault

Second Photo: Krusj

Third Photo: Steve Fifield

Fourth Photo: Steve Fifield

Fifth Photo: Steve Fifield

Sixth Photo: Steve Fifield

Seventh Photo: Steve Fifield

Eighth Photo: Bobby Ely

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: LV Concession

Second Photo: Krusj

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Fifield Family Photo

Fifth Photo: Marilyn Fifield?

Sixth Photo: Kustom Keepsakes

Seventh Photo: Kustom Keepsakes

Eighth Photo: Ely Photos

The Back Story:

Top Photo:

You werenít a fan of Lebanon Valley if you didnít root for perennial underdog Rod Fifield in his ever popular ďBonnie and Clyde SpecialĒ.

Looks like Dickie Larkinís taking a few minutes to get out the attendance at the Valley before a Sportsman heat race.

Second Photo:

Another shot of Rod Fifield and the Bonnie and Clyde special as heads down the backstretch pit access lane, to stop and pay his admission before tearing up the high banks.

Third Photo:

Rod seems to be looking at the car, trying to decipher;

         How did I get in this predicament?

         How are we going to right it?

         Can we fix it in time for the consi?

         Who in the hell am I tangled up with?Anybody know whoís back of the gremlin car that is?


Fourth Photo:

Loaded up and heading out to LV.Wonder how much Rod was asking for the car, and who ended up buying it.Imagine if this car is in a barn somewhere, ready to be restored?Thereís enough people out there who would love to do that.

Fifth Photo:

Here we go, now this is what it was all about, worked hard all week at the 40 hour BS, prepared the race car, sheís looking good, and now your all done, sheís on the trailer ready to go. Time for you and your cronies to have a cold brew, might as well,you all dressed the same for the occasion, and thatís reason to celebrate.

Yeah, Rod and the guys are gettiÖÖ.oh wait, whatís this?The car is on the trailer and the boys are drinking Buds??LOL,Iím quite sure the guys aint pounding the suds before making the trek to LV, but it is a funny picture though, and I had to share.I betcha those beers had those really safe pull tabs on emí too!Safe because they either ended up on the ground for kids to play with, or they used to pop them and proceed to drop them back in the can, causing a possible minor choking hazard.

Sixth Photo:

The original Hot Rod, Mr. Rod Fifield tried his hand at the ill fated LV sprint class, but with success!Rod picks up the checkers in this sprinter owned by himself and Tom Harmon, if Iím not mistaken.

Donít worry if Iím wrong, Iím sure his kids will call me a moron like they always do, and straighten my butt out.

Seventh Photo:

Great shot of two great competitors, Rod Fifield and Eddie Riiska while competing in the sportsman division.

Eighth Photo:

Our man Rod aboard this 611 before he adopted his all to familiar #25.Hereís a color photo of Rodís 611 courtesy of Bill Chuckta.


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