Year:  1970's, Mid 70’s
Drivers:   Stan Ploski
Photo Contributed by:  Bobby Ely

Second: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits: 

Top: Chuck Ely Photos

Second: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top: Ringgold New Jersey’s regular Stan the Man Ploski getting ready to shoe the Brenn owned #24.  Always calling Felmington Fair Speedway home, Stan made the trip up north to Lebanon Valley extra special on September 28th, 1969 when he scored his one and only Valley triumph.

Second : A nice at speed shot of Stan Ploski heading down the long Valley backstretch at full tilt aboard his Buck Buckley built #27.  The high speeds of LV often put to test even some of the best equipment of the day, and if you look closely, it appears Stan is driving with his left hand and holding the car in gear with his right, something that was often necessary when outsiders hit the high banks of LV.

Either that, or maybe Stan just had an itch.  Itches “happen”.

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