Year:  19?? second  and fourth 1973 fifth 1972
Driver:   Stan Wetmore
Contributed by:

Top and Second: Bobby Ely

Third: Chalmitty B

Fourth: Aintgotime4this

Fifth: Aintgotime4this

Sixth: Aintgotime4this

Photo Credits:

Top and Second: Chuck Ely

Third: Unknown

Fourth: Hertica Photo

Fifth: Hertica Photo

Sixth: Hertica Photo

The Back Story: 
Top Photo: An original Oak Hill Ridge Runner, Stanley Wetmore was always a Valley favorite and his family has been a big part of Lebanon Valley Speedway for Decades.  Stanley recorded one of the most popular wins in the history of LV on July 19th, 1994, his first victory after years of trying to enter the elusive Valley record books.

Second Photo: One of the original Oak Hill Ridge Runners Stan Wetmore always had some nice looking equipment, and this coach is no exception.

Third Photo: Valley legend Stanley Wetmore in his self owned #73 from back in the early 80’s.

Fourth Photo: As aintgotime says, One of the long-time Lebanon Valley campaigners’s better looking cars.  The entire staff here at LVC (2) couldn’t agree more.  Thanks again for all this great stuff aintgotime, but we’re glad you do.

Fifth and Sixth Photo: After teaming up for the 1971 Eastern States 200, Stanley Wetmore was appointed as the new full time shoe of the Patriotic Bernie Darling owned #70 for the 1972 season.

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