Year:  Early 90's, 1990-94, Early 90's, 1993 at Racarama
Driver:   Steve Fifield
Contributed by: Steve Fifield Photo Credits:   Marked on Photos.
The Back Story:

Top: After what seemed like endless prodding, we here at LVC were fortunate enough to have on the track hot shoe, and so so mystery driver guesser Steve Fifield share some of his racing families treasured pictures.Steve picked up his share of wins in the medium block street stock division in the early to mid 90ís aboard his familiar, and always meticulous #25ís.Here Steve poses next to his mount to prove what I said.

Second: Again proving my point Steve knew how to get around the high banks, and how well the 25ís ran, Steve accepts the checkered flag and hardware for another well deserved win.

Third: Hard on the hammer, Steve wheels the family owned 25 through turns 1 and 2.

Fourth: A nicer family at Lebanon Valley will be hard to find than this bunch at the annual Race-a-Rama car show in W. Springfield, MA, the Fifieldís hometown (or close enough).

From L to R, Siblings Chrissy & Steve Fifield, Mom Marilyn, and the Man, Rod.

Thanks Steve


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