Year:  1959, 1959, 1960's
Driver:   Stretch Van Steenburg
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo{ LVC Fan

Second Photo: Jeff Van Steenburg

Third Photo: Jeff Van Steenburg

Photo Credits:  

Top: Ray Williams

Second: Unknown

Third: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: 1960 & ‘64 Track champ Stretch Van Steenburg roars to a rare victory at LVS in 1959.  It wasn’t rare that Stretch had found victory lane at LV, he did it 17 times in his career, it more that in 1959, it was the year Howie Westervelt totally dominated the high banks.

It wasn’t until 1999 that anybody even remotely dominated a season at Lebanon Valley the way Westervelt did back in 1959.  The track champ racked up an amazing 17 (possibly 19) feature wins during the Lebanon Valley season, totally dominating the competition much the same as Kenny Tremont did 10 years ago during his magical run.

As the photo’s submitter commented, “So much for all that winning by one guy killing the show, this was taken back in August of 1959, when people should have been sick of seeing Stretch cleaning house week after week, but look at how packed the stands were.”

Second Photo: You’re looking at a bunch of wins between these two former track champs as Stretch Van Steenburg in the #38 and Howie Westervelt in the #24 duke it out on the high banks.

Third Photo: Jeff sends in this picture of his Dad Stretch in the 99.



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