Year:  Top 19?? Second 19?? Third 1981 Fourth 1988 Fifth Looks like late 70ís Sixth: 1974 Seventh: 1974? Eighth: Late 70's Ninth: 1973,Tenth: Early/Mid 70's, Eleventh: Early 1970's Twelfth: Early Syracuse Thirteenth: May 24, 2011 Fourteenth: 1975 Fifteenth: 1987 Sixteenth: 1979
Driver:   Top Cat, Tommy Corellis


Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Bobby Ely

Third Photo: Lincoln

Fourth Photo: LVC Fan

Fifth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Sixth Photo: Joel F. Naprstek 

Seventh Photo: Charlie Parise

Eighth Photo: Michael & Mark Raspuzzi

Ninth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Tenth Photo: Bobby Ely

Eleventh Photo: Scott Kurtzner

TwelfthPhoto: Bobby Ely

Thirteenth Photo: Hotrod Created Collage

Fourteenth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Fifteenth Photo: Andy Skumin

Sixteenth Photo: John Gallant

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: Chuck Ely

Third Photo: Lincoln

Fourth Photo: Unknown DIRT photographer.

Fifth Photo: Unknown

Sixth Photo: Joel F. Naprstek

Seventh Photo: Unknown

Eighth Photo: Unknown

Ninth Photo: Scanned from a 1973 Schaefer 100 calendar.

Tenth Photo: Chuck Ely

Eleventh Photo: Kurtzner Family Photo

Twelfth Photo: Chuck Ely

Thirteenth Photo: Chuck Ely/East Lincoln Speedway Photo

Fourteenth Photo: Arnie Ainsworth

Fifteenth Photo: Kustom Keepsakes

Sixteenth Photo: John Gallant

The Back Story:

Top Photo:

Not sure if this is a victory lane photo for Corellis, or a prop photo that Chuck Ely used to love to take?  All I can tell is TC is strapped in, with what looks like a heavy duty back brace wrapped around himself and the old fashioned racing seat.  Duct tape couldnít have done a better job?

Second Photo:

T.C. talking the upcoming evening events over with an unidentified crewman.  Remember when the cars used to pit right up against the old wooden boards separating the track from the pits, since You couldnít leave your trailers in the pits?  Of course, T.C. is in his familiar #1 pit stall that, until Donnie left Lebanon, was always utilized by a Corellis.

Third Photo:

A very personal favorite here, Tom Corellis drove this little beauty at Albany Saratoga Speedway in Malta New York. Dudley Billings owned, wrenched by the team of Dick Williams and Bill Kingsley, with the engine built by the late Denny Raspuzzi. This fuel injected small block modified was set up occasionally to run the  Lebanon Valley oval. Dudley also did a fine job behind the wheel at the Valley.

Fourth Photo:

Many will mistakenly think this is the aftermath of the horrible flip that T.C. endured on the moody mile in one of the triple 20 heat races in 1990, but it is not.This picture was taken after a hot lap misadventure for Corellis and the John Schuman owned 57ís at Syracuse in 1988 I think, during the annual Labor Day show, another long standing DIRT racing fixture that doesnít exist anymore.Not sure what transpired after this, as something tells me T.C. had a back up car at his disposal for the afternoon race, and something is always gnawing at my memory that this may have been the first wide bodied car T.C. tried.Again, Iím trying to dish out the info that happened over 20 years ago, I wouldnít say it if I didnít think there was a possibility of this, but donít bet your house on it.

Fifth Photo:

Other that it looks like Malta, and that this is Tommy Corellis I donít ever remember T.C. piloting this car, who owned this car, and for how long the team lasted, so Iíll just shut my yapper and take the rest of the afternoon off.

Sixth Photo:

An interesting shot of Top Cat Tommy Corellis coming out of turn four from Joel, who didnít get out to LV too often, being a northern Jersey boy, but took this fantastic shot of T.C. in the Rosell fabricated, Leto owned 50.

Seventh Photo:

The intimidating and always fast Leto 50 with T.C. at the controls.

Eighth Photo:

Top Cat hard on the gas coming out of turn 2 aboard the Dudley Billings owned fuel injected small block that T.C. competed with against the big blocks every week at Malta.

Ninth Photo: TC posing as owner driver of the #1 that he campaigned for a single year.

Tenth Photo: T.C. has been known to drive anything anywhere.Heís run big block mods on Dirt and Asphalt, mini-stocks, Big Rigs and this nifty looking sprinter.Behind T.C. is the famous Hi-Way autobody #3 sprinter.

TwelfthPhoto: Back when Tommy was still shoeing the Leto 50ís was when this head shot of T.C. was taken.

Thirteenth Photo: TC recently scored a victory at East Lincoln Speedway in North Carolina at the ripe old age of 69! I talked to Tommyís son Donnie shortly after that, and I quote Donnie, ďHe called me and youíd think he just won Syracuse the way he was carrying onĒ.

Fourteenth Photo: I think it was 1975 when TC took the McNamee owned #72 to the Lebanon Valley track championship, all the while scoring numerous top 5ís, but never actually winning a race,proving TC could get it done whatever way possible.

Fifteenth Photo: This creation unfortunately was the doing of the Hughes Brothers & TC and was the original version of the "new body styles" in 1987. The car was built by Walt Schwinning and had a-frame front end. Needless to say, it was not a hit and was discarded as quickly as it was built.


Andy S.

Sixteenth Photo: TC really had a love hate relationship with Syracuse, Heíd loved it, but the Moody Mile hated him.


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