Year:  1980
Driver:   Walt Shutt
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In the nearly 60 year history of Lebanon valley Speedway, No one evening at the 5/8th high banked oval has ended in more tragedy or invoked such raw emotions as this night ever did.  The images are still clear as the night it happened of how the worst wreck in the history of Lebanon Valley unfolded that fateful night, triggering memories similar to “Where were You when Kennedy was shot” to hardcore Valley fans.  The passionate Valley fans all had their opinions on the center of the controversy, Tommy Corellis.  There is no need to rehash the exact details, as I’m sure if you’re reading this, You remember it all just as well on your own.  Seemed lost in all of this was the Valley lost a family member that night as Walt Schutt, a Connecticut Toyota dealer lost his life doing what he loved.  Walt represented what the sport of racing should be all about, a man dedicated to his family first, and a man who spent within his means to compete at Lebanon, as a good honest competitor, much like a Goober Schiedel who had a cult following for those exact sentiments.

TC was suspended from LV for the remainder of the regular season, only to add more to his legend when He returned to Lebanon for the 1st time at the annual 200 and promptly went out and won that event, reigning down a chorus of boos from the passionate Valley fans.  Nobody could have handled the harsh criticism or overflowing emotions of the Valley faithful as TC could, sealing his fate as a “love him or hate him” driver.

I’m sure You would get no argument from Howie Commander either that this may have been his toughest stretch as the promoter of LV, as the article underneath the main story dictates the ongoing battles with the town of Lebanon over the rock concerts He promoted back in the day, when a few concert goers were killed in various events surrounding the concerts.  I was too young to appreciate the artist, but looking back, Howie had some top notch talent performing at LV, as I remember the Outlaws, Blue Oyster Cult and the aforementioned J. Giels band headlining.


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