Year:  Must be the 80's
Driver:   34, No Clue, 1 Sammy Barlow????
Photo Contributed by:   Chalmitty B Photo Credits:   Unknown
The Back Story:
Been around a long time, yet I still have no clue.  Iíd say maybe the 34 was RJ Butterfield, but I doubt it is.  I feel more confident in that the One is Sammy Barlow, but again, need some help here from the LVC crowd. 

Additional Comments:  

Bertrand Poland :

The unknown photo --- could the 34 be Phil Beavers? Didnít he run a yellow 34 in the early 90ís I remember Sammy having a black #1 but that could be him if it is should ask him who the other guy is Sammy is in the pits every Sat. night.

thanks for the contribution Bert




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