Year:  1973 Valley Flood
Driver:   Mother Nature (that bitch)
Photo Contributed by: Russ Blake Photo Credits: Blake Family
The Back Story:

Pontoon races anyone?  While the exact date is unclear, the common thread seems to be Lebanon was flooded by a storm that was accompanied by a Tornado that tore through a truck stop and killing a few in  West Stockbridge MA back in August 1973, according to the records of the Berkshire Eagle.

This photo was taken on a Saturday morning as Russís wife, Mary, seen waving in the picture hip deep in water, went over as She religiously did every race day AM to put her blanket down, and was surprised to find the only event possible that night was a trout fishing derby.  Also pictured is Maryís brother, John and a 15 year old Gary Virgilio, a lifelong Valley competitor, first as a Championship winning drag racer and then Cannonball winner, Small Block Division champ & Dirt Legal winner.  To put this picture in perspective, it looks like the photo was taken from the top of the starters stand.  The water level went back to the bleachers & the concession stands.

The Creek that runs adjacent to LV has run over itís bank in years past and flooded the property, but never to the extent it did this day back in í73, which was the only flood to ever cancel the evening events.


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