Year:  May 1959
Driver:   Walt Gamache
Photo Contributed by: Ken Boisvert Photo Credits: Ray Williams
The Back Story: 

Walt Gamache really stuffs her into the old boards in this detailed picture from 1959. Walt’s number had quite a bit of significance to him and many others back then.   A bunch of racers chose their race car #’s from WW2 war fighter planes in the 50s, such as P38 -P51- B 29,  all prop jobs. Walt was one of the few at the Valley to use a Jet fighter number (F86).  One of the other’s was F84 Driven by John Perry .

Back in the day owners came up with clever and fun numbers such as "One Lap Lena", ‘1CUP” (was actually meant to be “I see you pee”, but the announcers called it one cup) and one the all favorites was "11 teen''  just to name a couple.



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