Year:  Top Photo 19??, Second Photo 1974, Third Photo 1980, Fourth Photo ???????, Fifth and Sixth Mid 70's, Seventh 1968, Eighth 1974? Ninth: 1981 Tenth: 1974 Eleventh: 1976


Driver:   Win Slavin
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Debbie Frusciente Fannon

Second Photo: Krusj

Third Photo: The LV Vault

Fourth Photo: Steve Fifield

Fifth Photo: Hotrod

Sixth Photo: Hotrod

Seventh Photo: Bobby Ely

Eighth Photo: Charlie Parise

Ninth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Tenth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Eleventh Photo: Steve Lloyd

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Debbie Frusciente Fannon

Second Photo: Ely Photo

Third Photo: John Libby

Fourth Photo: Unknown

Fifth Photo: Ely Photos

Sixth Photo: Ely Photos

Seventh Photo: Ely Photos

Eighth Photo: Unknown

Ninth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Tenth Photo: Unknown

Eleventh Photo: Steve Lloyd

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Win poses next to his ride when he was in the famous Helwig 37.

Second Photo: Win Slavin scores a victory for the Hughes Bros. in a car Uncle Art coined, “The Pickle Cart”, simply because of the car number in relation to the Heinz 57 product line.  The car was in no way shape or form funded by brined cucumbers.

Third Photo: Slavin had probably the best August of any driver in the history of LV, winning a couple times on a regular Saturday Night, and grabbed the lucrative, even by today’s standard, $4,000 to win 1980 Mr. Dirt 80 lapper that year.  If memory serves Me correct, Slavin never won a feature at LV after that magical run in August 1980.

Fourth Photo:

I quizzed a few of the LVC panel of experts (we spare no expenses here getting to the bottom of the matter, 2 were long distance phone calls), and everybody came to the same conclusion.

·        That is Win Slavin posing next to that car

·        Nobody remembers this car at all

We all pretty much agreed that the car certainly looks like a Ken Tremont owned car, especially given the person in the background is wearing a Tremont Racing Coat.  As one LVC expert pointed out, this car has a Ford in it, Big Ken started out running Ford’s, but figures by the time this car was built, Ken was already competing with Chevy’s.  The frame is also that of a ’54 Chevy, but doesn’t yield too many clues, since the majority of competitors utilized that chassis back then.

We came to one last conclusion, Everybody had fun looking at and discussing this picture.

Fifth Photo: Win overtaking Dave Pelczar. Or was it the other way around. We'll never get the truth.

Sixth Photo: Win Slavin scores big in the Hughes Bros. pickle wagon.

Seventh Photo: Win Slavin aboard the #211.  What would be better, is if somebody had a picture of the funky bodied (It was shaped like a Vega, but wasn’t) red and white #211 Win ran in the late 70’s at LV and malta and could send that in.  Can somebody help us out with that?

Eighth Photo: Win getting ready for the night aboard the pickle wagon.

Ninth Photo: The car and team that Win did all of his winning with in August of 1980, which included the Mr. Dirt crown.

Tenth Photo: Win Slavin poses next to the “Pickle Wagon” with the Rich Ricci #95 getting ready to unload for another night of hot competition on the High Banks of Lebanon.

Eleventh Photo: Pretty cool looking ride for Win Slavin, the car, according to Whitey Slavin, was owned by Clayton Ryan.



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