Year:  1980
YouTube Videos:   Schaefer 200 Part 3 of 17
Borrowed from: YouTube Video Credits: ESPN
The Back Story: 

CBS brought us the Daytona 500 every February and we then scrambled to follow NASCAR racing each week.

ESPN in it's infancy was the driving force behind bringing motorsports to network television.

ESPN was launched in September of 1979. A year later, they arrived at the Moody Mile to tape the controversial 1980 Schaefer 200 with Gary Balough's ground effect "Batmobile".

Geoff Bodine and others then went back to their garages and modified their entries to compete with Balough's car. I (Lincoln) remember the controversy and excitement that was their in Syracuse. The rumors of not letting him run the car and then the evidence in the next days that everyone was making changes  to compete and that we were going to witness this event. I also seem to remember it snowed. Maybe not that year but many years were that cold and we did see snow.





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